WIKING sourcing team has many years of experience in this industry and with good cooperation partners in China. We have good contacts with medium and small sized manufacturers that also can produce small runs to competitive prices. Our organization is small and efficient and we are therefore a cost efficient sourcing partner in China for your company. Our areas of China sourcing are forging, machining, stamping and pressing of metal parts and industrial tool s.

WIKING provide

Production Control
Quality Control  
Customs and Export documents
Delivery to your door (DDP)

Factory visit arrangements

Set up of Representative office and manufacturing plant

Part s or total solution of exhaustion systems for vehicles

 Why make parts in China?
The main reason is that the material cost, of the same or similar material, are lower in China than in the West.

Labor cost is lower.

You will gain knowledge of the China market and can have constructive talk s with customers when they demand China outsourcing.

If your clients have operations in China you are maybe demanded to follow them to be an alternative supplier also in the future.

Economic growth in Asia is significantly higher than in the west and the market potential is much greater.

Why manufacturing tools in China?
Design cost is lower in China due to lower wages for qualified personnel. 

It often pays off even if air is used for the repatriation.

Material cost may be lower if you choose local alternatives.

Machining can be done to lower cost. Therefore also manufacturing of certain part s of the tools can be done in China to reach optimum cost efficiency.


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